A note from the author:  Welcome to The Japson Club! –  My debut novel - For sale through all online retailers and a few select bricks and mortar stores.

It's a story which delves into so many aspects of life, and I am frequently asked about the topics and genre of the book.  While it's marketed as a women's fiction, it's a story of suspense, which can't be pigeon-holed...

It’s not just for women – it’s predominantly from a woman’s point of view

It’s not all about horses – it’s about adrenalin and a community of people, and after all…what drama there is to be found in the horsey fraternity!

It’s not a romance – it’s about real life, and even the most cloistered of us get involved from time to time, sometimes making questionable decisions…

It’s not about career – it’s about a driven young woman keen to make her mark, in the competitive, male-dominated construction world

It’s not about Christianity – it’s about someone seeking answers

It’s not a crime thriller – it’s stumbling across shocking crime in an otherwise perfectly ordinary existence

Oh, and it’s funny too, from time to time…

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11 MAY 2019 - 2-4pm GMT Carafe Coffee Roasters, Lewes, East Sussex, England


12 NOVEMBER 2018 - 7-9pm  NG Writers Circle, North Grenville Library, Kemptville

02 JULY 2018 - North Grenville Times Article, CJ Butler's Debut Novel

28 JUNE 2018 - CJ Butler speaking event; The Youngsters of Yore, North Grenville Library, Kemptville

MAY 2018 - Radio Interview with Jonny Parks on Juice Fm


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