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Catherine has been an avid writer since she can remember. From a young age, she loved books, story-writing and poetry, always playing with words, seeking to create a visceral feel with her work. 


She wrote her first novel with her younger brother when she was twelve years old, which gained positive feedback from the UK publishers.  Now Catherine writes a bit of everything; aside from novels, she is a copywriter, producing web content, marketing documents and also presentations.  


Catherine lives in Canada, in Kemptville Ontario, with her daughter and quirky quarter horse.  She emigrated from England in 2009, where she lived in Kent and worked in London as a project manager.  She grew up in the beautiful county of Sussex, which inspired the setting for Catherine’s first published novel, The Japson Club.

Nowadays Catherine, possibly slightly grisled from her years in the construction industry, works in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, and she knows the corporate game, as well as the hard face of being on site in the midst of the dust and rubble. 


In her downtime she can either be found hanging out with her daughter, writing late into the night, reading, or of course, riding her horse. 

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