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Foggy Pier

In the dizzying social scene of Rosemount Anna is happy, perhaps even a little in love... 

But annoying Andrew has sinister secrets, dangerous ones, which soon have Anna ensnared...

Locked into The Japson Club and running for her life.

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I’m going to tell you a story.  


It should come out, now that I am dying. 


And you look like just the person to blow the lid on an unsolved crime.  A case which has been shelved for years…

Reader Reviews

"CJ Butler's first novel is a compulsively good read. The plot gallops along with plenty of verve, spiced with nifty dialogue, splendid set pieces, evocatively described surroundings and a cast of well-rounded disparate characters. Anna's romantic entanglements are deftly handled, with wit and irony, and the tension racks up as she is drawn inexorably into intrigue and danger. 


The author is particularly skilled at crafting the killer last line. Virtually every scene ends on a note that is satisfyingly conclusive yet tantalising, leaving the reader gasping to find out what happens next. 


Bring on the sequel!"


Manchester, UK                    

''I couldn't put CJ Butler's debut novel down.  It's 'brilliant' as they say in the UK.  The character dynamics and humour is edgy and the action is enthralling.


I was gutted when I finished it, and absolutely sold on a visit to England.  The scenery and settings are so well described...and I could almost taste the beer in the George & Dragon!"


London, ON, Canada                    

"CJ Butler's first novel grabs you from the very first page and sucks you in so much you won't want to put it down. I like her strong writing style immensely.  


It's a gallop of a novel from start to finish with an exciting story and lovable characters. You honestly don't want to miss it...."



Bath, UK                 


Voted Best Local Author in the Kemptville Readers Choice 2019

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