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What's Your Clair?

Intuition is a well-recognized ability, available to all of us, and felt in greater or lesser degrees dependent on a person’s beliefs and mindset.

Recently, as I attended a fascinating Reiki training session, we discussed the importance of awareness of the practitioner, while giving reiki healing to another, of the messages they may be receiving.

During an energy exchange (or indeed at any time in life), sometimes subtle messages can come through in a variety of ways which can help the healer direct their energy better to help the person they are working with. The messages may come as a feeling, random thoughts, visions, sounds or a 'knowingness'.

These messages are our intuition – or psychic abilities – helping us.

And each of us has a dominant way of receiving these messages, a certain medium which speaks clearest to us, often referred to as ‘the clairs’.

Most people have heard of clairvoyance – the psychic ability to see things, but there are others too, which mean a person can receive messages in other ways. These are almost like a higher version – or the extensions of – those undisputed physical senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell.

Everyone has psychic abilities to a greater or lesser extent – after all, most people can relate to that sense of being stared at, and looking up from what you are doing to meet the eyes of a stranger, who then hastily looks away.

There are four clair types; clairvoyance (psychic ability to see), clairsentience (feel), clairaudience (hear), and claircognizance (to know).

Take the quiz below to establish your dominant clair or clairs…


Note one or two answers for each of the questions, whichever response you can most relate to.

1. When you remember a childhood experience, do you:

A) See it in your mind, like a movie, perhaps with vivid colour or visual detail

B) Re-live the emotions and sensations

C) Hear the conversations, ambient noises and sounds

D) Feel that you have captured the moment in the library of your mind

E) Not remember much about your childhood

2. When you go on holiday, what is the first thing you notice?

A) The view, the sights, how the room looks

B) The vibe of the place, the excitement

C) The music, the sounds

D) Your excitement at all you can discover there

E) Not sure/ You never really notice anything special

3. When someone explains something to you, are you more likely to say:

A) I see what you mean

B) I feel it/ I’m not feeling it

C) I hear ya! / I hear what you mean

D) I understand

E) Not sure/ Unsure of how you respond

4. When someone is lying to you, do you:

A) See it on their face

B) Feel a funny vibe

C) Hear it in their voice

D) Just know it for some unseen reason

E) Feel unsure/ Not good at picking up on liars

5. When you meet someone new, do you:

A) Discreetly look them over, to appraise what they’re all about

B) Have a feeling about who they really are

C) Listen to them for a while before making your mind up

D) Have a knowing about their personality, and whether you can get along

E) Not sure/ You’re a terrible judge of character

6. When you go somewhere new, do you first:

A) People watch to get an idea of what happens and get visual clues as to how to fit in

B) Get a feel for the place

C) Listen to what’s going on – the sounds the music, the conversations

D) Try to get as much factual information about everything as possible

E) Wait for someone to tell you what to do

7. When you learn something new, do you prefer:

A) To see it in writing – in a book, handout, or a visual presentation, in your notes

B ) To have someone demonstrate the new skill or information for you, or use props or models you can touch and practice with

C) To hear it explained, perhaps listening several times

D) To ask many questions and research various sources of information on the subject

E) Feel you don’t learn very well, like it just doesn’t get through

8. When you’re on the phone do you:

A) Picture who is calling and see them in your mind

B) Feel the emotions of whoever is on the line

C) Tend to listen more than you talk

D) Just knew who was calling, even minutes before the phone rang

E) Keep it very business-like

9. When you have a dream or a nightmare, do you:

A) Keep replaying the scene in your mind and see vivid details

B) Wake feeling the emotions, or a feeling of weirdness, and have trouble shaking the dream off

C) Remember the conversations or sounds of the dream

D) Having a knowingness about the dream and its meaning

E) Never remember your dreams

10. When you think about or work with your spirit guide, do you:

A) Have a picture of them in your mind

B) Feel them behind or around you

C) Hear their voice or sounds

D) Have a knowingness that they have your back no matter what

E) Not receive any clues or signs about them

11. In previous psychic experiences, have you:

A) Seen a ghost or orbs

B) Felt as though someone were watching you or someone was there

C) Heard the voice of a deceased loved one or unseen presence

D) Known when a house was haunted

E) Never noticed anything special

12. When you meditate, do you:

A) Visualize yourself in a safe and beautiful place

B) Just go with the flow and whatever comes next

C) Focus on the silence, music, or your inner voice

D) Trust you will be given what you need

E) Typically find it difficult to switch off

Tally your score:

A) ______ B) ______ C) ______ D) ______ E) ______

If you answered:

Mostly A’s

You are clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see. When you are attuned to this sense, you may see events in your imagination. You might see ghosts, auras, orbs or spirits.

Maybe you sometimes see flashes, and have blurry vision? Maybe you think you saw something out of the corner of your eye, and have to check…but there’s nothing there?

Mostly B’s

You are clairsentient. Clairsentience is the psychic ability to feel. You are naturally intuitive and have empathy for others. You may need frequent time alone as you can feel too much and become overwhelmed – particularly in public/crowded spaces.

Perhaps you get goosebumps suddenly for no reason, suddenly get a chill, or feel like someone passed by you, even if you’re alone?

Mostly C’s

You’re clairaudient. Clairaudience is the spiritual ability to hear. You have the ability to obtain information from sound, and your spiritual guidance will come from words or tonalities.

Perhaps you have the tendency to talk to yourself, or hear ringing in your ears?

Mostly D’s

You are claircognizant. Claircognizance is the gift of knowing. You will feel that you automatically know something, even though you may not be sure how or why.

Do you get messages of knowing in random thoughts, strong gut feelings, or maybe even get woken in the middle of the night suddenly with a knowing, and an answer to something?

Mostly E’s

Your connection needs some clarification. You might be carrying fears, closed thought patterns, shame, or karmic experiences which have closed down your ability to use your intuition. Developing a meditation or mindfulness practice should help you to clarify your connection to spirit.

Knowing your dominant clair can be enlightening, and can also help you further develop it. If you’re unsure about a message you seem to be receiving, ask for it to be given again.

Meditation, quieting your mind from the clamour of the day, and the demands and insistence of the ego is the best way to gain calm and access those messages.


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