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Written Rudeness - The Overstated Question???

What's wrong with this question???

I'm not as much of a stickler for grammar and perfection in the use of the English language as my editor - probably because I'm not as knowledgable as her in either... I'm just a dumb writer who dreams up stories. But I do have some gripes which get me mounted up on my hobby horse and whinging from the tops of small trees.

Today I channel my dislike in the direction of written rudeness, specifically; the use of multiple question marks.

“When can I expect your proposal???” read the words on the screen of my laptop.

Oh how I hate this!

I don’t know about you, but when I see any more than one question mark used after a question, it conjures up the mental image of the asker sitting at their desk, breathing fire as they punch the keys with barely restrained violence.​

They may as well have well shown up at the door of my office, red-faced and hands on hips, demanding the answer in a high pitched banshee scream;

“Well? When the hell are you going to get off your slovenly butt, and get the damn thing finished and in my hands?...I mean; why the hell are you keeping me waiting?”

...bringing forth hordes of other pin-pushing desk jockeys, scurrying into the corridor to see what the kerfuffle is all about…

But no, rather than causing an office scene which hovers on the edge of corporate violence, the writer electing to utilise multiple question marks, hides behind their desk; a passive-aggressive parasite.

Upon receipt of such an aggravating missive, if I (in true corporate passive-aggressive style) were to stay silent, deliberately protracting the time period for response, what would happen?

Perhaps the writer will come and see me? I wish they would; I'm dying to know whether they really are red-faced and frantic.

But perhaps I am wrong? Maybe they are simply poorly educated in terms of use of the written word, and written etiquette?

But no. If they are an offender of the worst degree, the follow up will be under the cover of a simple two-character email;


When I go to put myself in front of the senders of these emails, they are often strangely absent...just the chair turning slightly...the still steaming mug of coffee on the desk...

My plea for the day; stop using multiple question marks. (They really get my goat)


Welcome to the first of my blog bytes - Short blogs purging emotions or irritations of the moment, designed for bitesize reading :)

This one is the first in what I know will be a series; 'written rudeness'.

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